The EZ Sleep Travel Pillow is the most effective travel pillow ever invented. It works great and is easy to use. Blows up in about 3 or 4 breaths, installs easily between two seats or against the fuselage, straps to an armrest, then stays in place for an entire flight.

No need to put that silly looking "horse collar" around your neck anymore. This pillow is simple, elegant, and effective. Just lean against it and be comfortable. Supports your whole upper body and not just your head. You instantly feel like sleeping. This is a game changer for people who fly and is soon to be the new high standard for airplane travel comfort!

Then there's the privacy. Need a little privacy from the person next to you? Don't want them leaning on your shoulder? Well, here is the answer. Put up the EZ Sleep Travel Pillow and you will have that much needed bit of privacy that you wish you had before.

And If you don’t feel like putting it between you and your neighbor, you can always use it in a forward position, works great there too.

Then when your flight's over, just deflate it, roll it up into an easy to carry bundle or just strap it to the handle of your carry-on, and you’re ready to go.

Works great in a car, truck, train, bus, or even at the beach. This is the best travel pillow ever invented and the only one you will ever need. Nothing else even comes close!